Why Did My Paint Do That?

Why Did My Paint Do That?

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Common Exterior Painting Problems Solved.


Paint peeling off a wall

Addressing Common Exterior Paint Issues

As spring arrives and the temperatures rise, we can always count on an influx of calls from facility managers and general contractors looking to have exterior projects quoted for repainting. Often these facilities have had their existing paint and coatings on the surfaces for far longer than recommended, yet they still look great. Other times facilities that you swear were just repainted a few years ago look well past their prime. Then there are the occasional horror stories we hear where the paint itself has failed requiring extensive touch-ups or a complete re-coating. Paint can fail for many reasons, and it’s not always the fault of the painter or products. In this article we’ll examine the most common problems that can occur when it comes to exterior painting projects.


A Peeling Paint Job or An Appealing Paint Job?

It is important to maintain attractive and well-kept buildings. The outer appearance of our organisations is often the first impression for the people who work or visit these places. A well-maintained property with a facility that matches plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions, attracting clients, and creating a good impression on employees and the general public.


Painting an exterior of a building

Cracking, Bubbling, and Blistering

Although uncommon, choosing the wrong product can result in cracking or blistering. These problems typically arise for one of two reasons: moisture or an improperly prepared surface. With experience and expertise, a professional painting crew can rectify blistered and cracked wall surfaces by removing all the peeling and cracked paint and cleaning the surface of any dirt, dust, or oil before painting. By prioritising preparation and selecting the best product for the project specifications, they can achieve a fresh and attractive finish that will withstand the harsh exterior conditions of Southwestern Ontario.


Mildew or Mould Stains

Eliminating mould and fungi growth is crucial for maintaining a healthy and inviting environment. With cracking and peeling, it’s essential to treat the affected areas with an appropriate cleaner and remove any mould and mildew stains. Fungi grow in shaded areas, whereas mould can grow on all surfaces, which means using the correct cleaner is necessary to prevent these issues from recurring. Using mould-resistant paint in the new coating will help ensure a long-lasting result that doesn’t involve unsightly growth and staining while improving both the exterior aesthetics and occupant well-being.


Painting a light post

Faded Paint

There’s more to exterior painting than selecting a paint and a colour and expecting a long-lasting finish. While more expensive paint products are often of better quality, choosing the most expensive one is not always the best way to go. That’s why your painting contractor should take the time to recommend products that meet the budget and the project’s specifications while withstanding harsh weather and UV rays for years to come.



Chalking is the formation of loose powder on painted walls and can compromise the aesthetics of your building, leading to premature rotting or corrosion. Lower-quality paints with high pigment levels or thinned-out and poorly applied paints are the most common reasons for chalking. As is often the case, the secret to a successful, long-lasting coating comes down to meticulous preparation. When chalking is the problem, your painting contractor will start by scraping off the loose paint, followed with a thorough cleaning of the surface. Next, they will apply a specialty primer for the material being coated; vinyl, steel, aluminium, etc. Finally, they will follow up by applying a high-quality exterior paint from one of Canada’s leading suppliers such as Sherwin-Williams, Dulux, or Benjamin Moore.


Painting the exterior of a building

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