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Invested in our Crew, Clients & Community™

H.D. Painting serves Facility Managers, Maintenance Managers and Project Managers of factories and large institutions in Southwestern, Ontario.

They hire us because we are commercial painters who have the capacity and quality personnel to complete expert quality and diversified services – on time on budget.

Staff of HD Painting standing at warehouse


At H.D. Painting, painting it’s not just a job, it’s a vocation.

Whether it’s a new building or an existing structure, our mandate is to beautify it.

Therefore, we see our vocation as a privilege.

Solutions for your Commercial Painting Requirements

A two storey mall or school can be re painted by HD Painting with great attention to detail
Interior and Exterior Commercial Maintenance Painting There is a reason many Facility Managers, Maintenance Managers and Project Managers dread renovations: they cause serious inconvenience for the occupants of their buildings. Add schedule delays, insufficient permits as well as budgetary surprises… and sometimes renovations make Managers feel like they are strapped in a rollercoaster — with...
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Interior Lobby or Reception Room Painting
Interior and Exterior Commercial New Painting Product knowledge should be elementary: Interior paint is meant to be scrubbed, resist staining and easy to clean. Exterior paint has to combat Southern Ontario’s harsh and foreboding climate.  Commercial new painting requires experts Quality equipment and using them safely and efficiently are expected. What makes our painters stand...
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HD Painting Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring Installation Unfinished concrete stains easily and is difficult to clean and maintain. In addition, salt, snow and dirt (from footwear) gradually blemish concrete. The result is an untidy, unprotected floor. Commercial floors that are finished with VCT tiles must be scrubbed and waxed yearly, adding to maintenance costs. As such, many factories and large...
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Invested in our Crew

While we have substantial investments in infrastructure and equipment, our largest asset remains our incredible painting crew. We choose our colleagues carefully based on their professionalism and work ethic. We train them on technical skills where necessary and we remunerate them appropriately. The dividends are attractive for all of us, especially our clients.

HD Commercial Painting Member Associations

Invested in our Clients

In 30+ years, every time we’ve invested in one of our clients, the return has surpassed our expectations. Blue Chip.

Invested in our Community

Community means a very large family in which we are a member and very thankful to be a part of.  We invest in our community because its members have been carrying us on their shoulders.  The stronger those shoulders, the healthier we’ll remain.

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