Epoxy Flooring

Unfinished concrete stains easily and is difficult to clean and maintain. In addition, salt, snow and dirt (from footwear) gradually blemish concrete. The result is an untidy, unprotected floor.

Commercial floors that are finished with VCT tiles must be scrubbed and waxed yearly, adding to maintenance costs. As such, many factories and large institutions in Southwestern, Ontario are removing them and installing epoxy flooring, which contain less VOC components than even carpet, tile and adhesives.

Developed over the last century, epoxy flooring has earned its reputation for being easy-to-clean and long lasting. Hence, it’s one of the top overall choices for commercial applications. 

Our epoxy flooring installation withstand the abuse of equipment, salts, acid and chemicals while protecting the concrete surface from harmful elements. They are seamless (including baseboards), replace a dirty unfinished surface and add extra protection and aesthetic value to any space.

However, one major impediment that suppliers and installers of epoxy flooring face is adherence to regulations. That’s where we shine. For a list of all our current certifications, please click here.

“It’s always a relief when I see HD on my trades list and I look forward to work with them on future projects.”

Marc Cantin, Superintendent
D. Grant Construction Limited

HD Commercial Painting Employee Working on Epoxy Flooring

The Challenge

Contrary to common perception concrete floors often pose maintenance challenges. They’re difficult to clean, especially if something oily is spilled on them; they stain and look untidy. An epoxy flooring installation adds a permanent layer of protection and aesthetics to the otherwise laborious concrete floor.

Polished Quartz Flooring in an auto body shop


Most of our clients choose epoxy flooring because it offers ease of maintenance and aesthetic improvements. Our healthcare clients like its anti-microbial features and air quality compliance. For more information, please contact us.

A professionally painted Municipal Fire Hall


Hospitals and healthcare facilities, long-term care facilities, ports complexes, automotive facilities, shopping malls, art galleries and museums, the list goes on. For more information, please contact us.

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