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Commercial Maintenance

There is a reason many Facility Managers, Maintenance Managers and Project Managers dread renovations: they cause serious inconvenience for the occupants of their buildings. Add schedule delays, insufficient permits as well as budgetary surprises… and sometimes renovations make Managers feel like they are strapped in a rollercoaster — with no escape until the ride is over.

We understand that:

  • Interior Commercial Maintenance Painting means complete the job with minimal interference;
  • Exterior Commercial Maintenance Painting means start breathing new life into the building so customers and employees notice.

“H.D Painting has worked diligently …within St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital and have done so with attention to detail, cleanliness and respect for the patients and staff. H.D. Painting approaches each project with care, focuses on quality workmanship, adherence to schedule and maintains the budget set forth.”

Brendon Ager, Project Coordinator
St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

Paint Brush used by HD Painting in St Thomas Ontario

Common Sense

While our crew is supervised and follows strict protocols, it is made up of smart individuals with common sense. They’re punctual and courteous, quick and clean.

Commercial Interior Painting Lobby

Client Schedules

When painting an occupied building, we hope for the best but plan for the worst case scenario. Listening and communication skills help differentiate us. Staying versatile and honest earn us repeat business.

Industrial Commercial Painting


To the structures we paint, we are like dermatologists. Our objective is to beautify their surface. To that end, our clients expect us to keep up with new products, processes and technologies. They also expect us to be perfectionists. We aim to meet their expectations.

Challenging Projects

Our clients decide to repaint vs. replace for a variety of reasons. Repainting is often faster and more economical, especially if painting can increase the lifespan of the existing structure.

Painting rarely requires a permit. It can preserve the historical value, rejuvenate or completely change the colour of a structure.

Our vocation becomes even more gratifying when we play a part in one of these challenging projects.

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