When is the Best Time of Year To Paint?

When is the Best Time of Year To Paint?

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A Guide To Painting And Coating In Our Unpredictable Southwestern Ontario Weather.

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Finding The Best Time To Paint

To say the weather in Southwestern Ontario can be unpredictable is an understatement. That can make determining the best time to start commercial painting projects more of an art than a science. Fortunately, we’ve learned a thing or two over the last 30 years and have compiled the following guide to help you overcome some of the common weather-related painting challenges like a pro.


Planning For The Unpredictable

Winters can be harsh, with sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow, while summers can be humid and hot. Spring and fall provide milder conditions, but they also come with unpredictable rain and temperature swings. Knowing what areas require painting and when to paint them can save hours of drying time or possibly end up costing thousands of dollars more should a product fail to adhere after being applied in suboptimal conditions.


Interior Painting

With interior projects, the time of year is of less concern with our standard painting services in facilities like retirement homes, healthcare facilities, and apartment buildings. In our area’s cold winters, you might want to avoid painting during peak heating months, which can create airflow and ventilation issues or leave some areas hotter or colder than others, affecting drying times.

Spring and fall are ideal for interior painting, ensuring adequate drying time while avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations. Summer brings all new challenges with new construction projects when the air-conditioning isn’t fully operational. Paint can take much longer to dry when humidity levels are high.


Exterior Painting

Exterior painting requires more weather consideration and preparation. The best time for exterior painting is late spring to early fall. These months offer more stable weather conditions, milder temperature swings, and lower humidity levels. Avoid scheduling projects in the mid-summer if possible. The high temperatures and humidity can lead to adhesion and curing issues with some paint products.

Similarly, painting in freezing temperatures should be avoided, as similar problems can arise if the wrong products are applied. During the fall, try to complete exterior painting projects before the frost and monitor for temperature swings greater than 10 degrees between the day and night.

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Predict and Plan Ahead

Contacting us several months before the desired start date is the best way to ensure the project is completed on time. That will give you time to discuss the project scope, select products and finishes, and discuss any possible weather issues with our experts. It also allows us the time to procure the products, have them delivered to site, and have any required project documents ready on time so that the project handover at completion is seamless.

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