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Commercial Services

At HD Painting, it is more than just painting. We value our relationship with each of our clients and thrive on strong working relationships with General Contractors. The knowledge and skills of our Project Managers and Painters will help to put your mind as ease throughout the course of the build as we will eliminate General Contractor risk. No matter how big the project is, we promise to have it done right, on spec and on time, every time!

We are up for a challenge with any new Commercial building or Repaint & Maintenance project, whether it is small office or a large residence building. Our projects have varied over the past several years and have included retirement homes, restaurants, 650,000 square foot student residence buildings, condo buildings, golf courses, fire stations, warehouses and many more.

hd painting - commercial services

When completing a Repaint & Maintenance project, we understand the need to keep your operation running and looking great for your clients. We provide flexible hours to avoid interruption and we help find solutions to stay within budget to keep your building as good as new. We have found our costs to be less because we devise a maintenance plan that reflects your project goals.

In any Repaint & Maintenance Project, we will always ensure:
  • Flexible hours
  • No disruption in workplace operations
  • The right Painter to meet your job requirements
  • Fast and professional service
  • A painting company that works with your maintenance budgets

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Interior Maintenance Painting

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